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CMS-2 stroke

Movable multicylinder combustion monitoring system for Marine Diesel Engines for optimizeing of performance and fuel economy.

Advanced engine balancing
Software from 4-20 cylinder

Advanced engine balancing
Save fuel
Reduce emissions
HTT-04CA Cylinder pressure sensors
wi th marine type approval
2-stroke Diesel engines 50. . .200 RPM
4 stroke Diesel engines 350. . .1000 RPM
CMS Marine_en_04_2013
CMS Marine PC Sof tware
The new CMS Marine PC sof tware is a
modernised version for online combustion
monitoring on slow and medium speed
diesel engines.

Determines a combustion engine’s operation state like Pmax, IMEP, IPOWER, cylinder pressure data in real-time.

The main window of the visualisation software offers the possibility of selecting advanced monitoring functions in the following four diagrams:

Pressure diagram
Working cycle
Pmax balance
IMEP balance

Marine classification:
Bureau Veritas 22266/A0 BV
Desk Norske Veritas A-11717
Germanischer Lloyd 12601-10HH
American Bureau. of shipping 10-HG638434-PDA
Lloyd´s Register ETS 25706-11
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