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Overall approach:

• Process Component AB conducts all internal work on a project basis.
Each mission is called and dealt with internally as a separate project.

• The project work is conducted and documented in a way that facilitates dynamic improvements in procedures and work processes in the first place with the help of our business.

• As an entrepreneur, we adapt our approach for each client's requirements in terms of quality and documentation.

• The system has a requirement to comply with ISO 9001.

• Liability shall be as follows CEO, Sales manager and Project manager.

• QA appointed by management are responsible for the quality system in Processcomponent AB.

The quality system for Processcomponent AB are managed by a computerized business systems. The system works essentially as follows.

Processcomponent AB handles basic concepts, procedures and working primarily in sales, tender, quotation and order-management tasks using a computerized business systems. All client contacts and work until orders are handled and controlled by the computerized business system.

The system includes the following elements:
Main Process >

The main process involves the following elements:

• Customer registration and assignment.
• Specification of the mission through inquiry, and other necessary activities.
• Order entry and management.
• Development of a separate QA manual is made for each major project that requires it.
• Kick off.
• Planning and detailed specifications of each project..
• Implementation of the mission.
• Self-monitoring.
• Reporting.
• Internal monitoring.
• Clearance.
The main process is controlled by the QA Manual Project, Computerized business systems and possible. Q-manual for each project
(QA Manual Order Number).
Supporting processes >

Material handling:
Supplier Assessment - Purchase Specification - Purchasing and ordering - Order receiving - Cargo handling and storage - Shipped to the respective projects - Monitoring
Most of management is controlled through the computerized business system.

•Instrument calibration:
Calibration and instrument handling is controlled by our QA Calibration-2014. Specification of equipment • Supplier evaluation • Purchase equipment receiving • Registration and labeling of equipment • Calibration of reference • Calibration of field instruments • Marking of instruments for calibration or calibration verification protocol.

Document management takes place and is controlled from the computerized business system.

Complaints are handled and controlled by the computerized business system.
•Internal communication:
Internal communications are handled and controlled by means of email and business system.
Quotation, Order, Purchasing, Project Management
Correspondence, Customer lists, Time management.
In & Out supplies, Vendor Records, Document Records, Staff and CV.
Component Stocks, Inventories, Complaints.
Calibration Records, Instrument Index.
Processcomponent AB's quality policy

The company´s main quality is to satisfy our customers' requirements and expectations by being a link between our customers and principals.

We must create customer satisfaction through error free deliveries on time.

We must be responsive to satisfy customer needs and expectations.

We must continue to convey our suppliers' strengths and skills.
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