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Technical Engineering, Prototype & Product Development of Pneumatic, Hydraulic & Electronic system.
We work with assignments in modern product development focusing on development-intensive and newly started, innovative companies in high technology lines of business.
We offer consulting services as well as complete system solutions in technical applications.
                          ”From idea to finished product"
Technical Engineering in Instruments, IoT & Control
Technology fields:
Processcontrol, Engineering, Supervision, Testing & Start up.
Examples: Honeywell, Opto22, Siemens, Satt/ABB,I iFix.

                   ”From component to turn-key"
Preliminary study

We study and evaluate different conditions such as capacity requirements, state of the existing equipment etc. We offer proposals for system design and various basic alternatives as well as a cost estimate.
Based on flow charts and process descriptions, our assignments often begin with instrumenting/automatizing a process. This includes control systems, control cabinets, indicators, valves, measuring equipment etc. Measuring different non-electrical magnitudes is a very important feature in control and monitoring systems. It may involve pressure, flow, temperature, concentrations and levels of different media. To choose the right indicator and place it in the right position according to detailed mounting instructions including the choice of materials and mounting principles requires special know-how and experience. This is equally true when it comes to choosing and dimensioning valves and actuators to control a process. At Processcomponent we have gathered a considerable experience in handling this aspect of process control.
Control engineering
Modern processes require automatic governing, control and monitoring to ensure a high and even product quality. Disturbances in the process must be signalled in a manner which makes it easy to trace their origins and to swiftly and safely restore normal operation. Ever growing demands are made, e.g., on logging and reporting process data, to follow up product quality, consumption of raw materials and energy as well as verifying environmental data. In order to make fully use of and choose the right kind of system solution, good knowledge of various control systems and makes is needed as well as the ability to understand how different production processes work. Processcomponent has gathered considerable knowledge in this field and has experience from many different kinds of production processes. Apart from project planning, many of our assignments include producing programming data, programming and starting up equipments as well as training the operators. Modern computer technology offers great openings not only for communication between different control systems but also between control systems and data bases for design data, maintenance data etc. Processcomponent is highly qualified within this field.
Below you will find a listing of services offered by us, individually or as ”Turn-key” projects
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