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> Preliminary study

• System requirements
• Computer structure
• Layout
• Control system design
• Cost estimate

We study and evaluate different conditions such as capacity requirement of the control system, state of the existing installations, and we offer proposals for system design, various basic alternatives and a cost estimate.
> Project planning

• Project management
• Detailed design
• Basic inquiry data
• Programme data
• Inviting offers
• Examining offers

Following approval of the preliminary project planning and its establishment at every level
of the customer’s organization, it΄s time to
start the project planning.

In consultation with our customer we, now, work out the detailed design of the installation.

We compile inquiry data, complete installation data, software for process control systems etc.

We assist with inviting offers and evaluating them. If required, we also assist with purchasing.
> Mounting

• Installation coordination
• Supervision
• Inspection
• Financial checking
• Time schedule follow-up
• Acceptance test and inspection
• Check-out
> Operation

• Start-up
• Tuning
• Training
• Operating assistance

When the assembly is completed, the installation and its control equipments must be tested and tuned.

Programmes for process computers, if any, must be supplemented and adjusted.
Starting-up is often a hectic time. Everything must tally and measures need to be taken by staff who are familiar with the installation in every detail.

During all that time our man is right there where he is needed most.

> Preliminary project planning

• System layouts
• Instrument standard
• Control system design
• Space requirements

• Power requirements

• Technical descriptions
• Basic data for inviting tenders
• Time and resource plans
• Financial estimates
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