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Energy Analysis & Equipment
OptoEMU System
Processcomponent offers energy analysis and energy optimization for identify the available opportunities for immediate savings

The first step in successful energy saving is to visualize the power consumption in real time.

An energy analysis means that we:

Set up a plan on how to analyze and document the energy in the best way

Prepare a brief report on the potential for saving energy and move forward in an energy-saving projects.

Set up the first monthly energy analysis report

Energy analysis may include electricity, heat, water, air and building overview.

Can you afford to say no to a first free analysis?

Why Monitor Energy?

Traditionally, the cost of energy has been considered an
overhead cost. Utility bills show few details about when and
how electricity was used, and they arrive long after the energy
was consumed.

However, new energy pricing structures are changing
traditional ways of looking at energy costs. Increasingly,
commercial and industrial businesses are finding that they can
significantly reduce energy costs by managing energy in the
same way as other business costs such as people, assets, and
inventory. Energy management represents significant
opportunities to improve the bottom line.

Reducing energy costs does not require complex or expensive technology; it requires basic information. That information starts with gathering detailed, real-time data through the OptoEMU Sensor.
An OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Unit quickly and easily monitors the energy you use. You can see and analyze detailed data and use it in building and control systems to reduce energy costs.

You can even gain revenue by taking advantage of demand response programs from your local utility. No wonder OptoEMU Sensor won the 2011 Engineers' Choice Award.
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Groov is Opto 22s new way to build, deploy, and view simple, effective, and scalable operator interfaces to monitor and control systems and equipment using computers and mobile devices.

Using only a modern web browser, groov lets you quickly and securely build and deploy browser-based interfaces for automation, monitoring, and control applications. These operator interfaces can then be viewed on almost any computer or mobile device regardless of it manufacturer or operating system, including PCs, tablets, smartphones, and even smart high-definition televisions.
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