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The OptoEMU Sensor™ Energy Monitoring Unit monitors the electrical energy used in your facility and then delivers that data to online software applications—and optionally control and business systems—using your existing wired or wireless Ethernet network.

The OptoEMU Sensor gives you the detailed, real-time data you need to analyze energy consumption and reduce energy costs.
You can view the real-time and historical energy data gathered by the OptoEMU Sensor online through a secure software service such as Pulse Energy or eSight. The OptoEMU Sensor sends energy data directly to the service you choose, and you can view and analyze the data from any authorized computer or mobile device.

You can also incorporate data from the OptoEMU Sensor in control systems based on Opto 22’s PAC Project™ software or Modbus/TCP, or send data to OPC clients, SQL databases, or custom programs you develop using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

The OptoEMU Sensor monitors energy used by your whole building, by electrical subpanels, or by individual high-energy users like chillers and compressors. The Sensor can connect to a variety of metering devices that emit pulses and can also connect directly to electrical circuits using current transformers (CTs) with a 0.333 VAC secondary.

The Sensor includes an easy-to-use utility program for setting up communication on your network, configuring the monitored devices, and entering the connection information needed to send data to the software service.

Energy management represents significant opportunities to improve the bottom line. The OptoEMU Sensor makes it easy to eliminate assumptions, identify trouble spots, and save energy costs.

Other options for energy monitoring:
The OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1 energy monitoring unit monitors the electrical energy used in your facility and then signals electrical equipment to turn on or off in response to a request from an electric utility, demand response aggregator, or curtailment service provider (CSP). To reduce peak energy use that triggers demand charges, electrical equipment loads can also be shed on predefined usage thresholds.

OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1 monitors up to two KY or KYZ pulsing devices, such as a pulsing meter or submeter, and up to 64 data inputs from Modbus devices over serial and Ethernet. The unit sends this data to an online service of your choosing, so you can see and analyze energy usage. The unit can also send energy data to control systems and company databases.

The unit's four signal relay outputs can be used to automatically respond to a DR event by signaling equipment such as HVAC fans and chillers to turn on or off, or signaling existing energy or building management systems to perform load shedding. Each Form C output can be wired for normally open or normally closed.

An easy-to-use utility program for configuring the unit is included.

The OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1 communicates with online services and computer networks over a standard 10/100 Mbps wired Ethernet network, over an 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN (local area network), or over both simultaneously.

NOTE: UL and cUL approvals are pending.

If you do not need WLAN capability, see the OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2.

If you need to monitor voltage and current directly from an electrical panel or electrical equipment (not through a pulsing meter or Modbus device), see the OPTOEMU-SNR-3V.
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