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Communication options:

Using Energy Data in Other Systems:

Energy data from the OptoEMU Sensor can also be sent to
other systems for use there. Sensor data can be incorporated
in a PAC Control strategy, a PAC Display HMI, and control
systems that communicate through Modbus/TCP or OPC.
In addition, energy data can be sent to common SQL
databases such as MySQL and SQL Server.

Using Sensor data in these other systems, you can manage
energy usage and costs in detail. For more information on
using energy data in other systems, see form 1958, the
OptoEMU Sensor Communication Guide.
Viewing Energy Data:

Real-time and historical energy data gathered by the OptoEMU Sensor is viewed online through a secure software service. You choose the service thatís best for your business. The OptoEMU Sensor sends energy data directly to the service you choose, and you can view the data from any authorized computer or mobile device in accordance with the service you purchase.
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