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Reference List

Since the start we have done over 2000 projects with a range from a single control loop to complete Turn-Key solution and here are some examples of our projects.
Marine references ...
Aerochem AB
> Deicing products plant

Akzo Nobel Trollhättan AB
> Hydrogen Gas Boiler for District Heating

Akzo Nobel Bohus AB
> Steam Boiler x 3 Plant
Avesta Energi AB
Avesta Sheffield AB
Kvaerner Generator AB
> Waste- Heat Plant for District Heating

Ballast Väst AB
> Asphalt Plant
Boda Kalkverk AB / Edmeston AB
> Electrostatic Dust Cleaning System

Borås Energi AB
> Exhaustgas dampers
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
> FCC-Pilotcracker
Cryo AB
> SIGTTO, ATEX Ship-to-shore ESD Link

Edmeston AB
> Recuperator control system
Fortum Värme Samägt Med Stockholm Stad
> Freon (R134a & R22) Detection System for District Heating System
(Detecting range from 1ppb).
Hammarby & Ropsten Plant

Göteborg Energy Systems AB
Exhaust gas seal system

Helsingborg Energi AB
> Biogas Engine in District Heating System

Jönköping Energi AB
> Biogas Engine in District Heating System

Klippan Mölndal AB
> Water Treatment Plan
> Energy Consumption Control & Supervisiont

Kvaerner Pulping AB, Power Division AB
> Waste Heat Thermal Oil System Korstaverket

M/S Coppelia
> Thermal-Oil Boiler

Neste Polyeten AB
> Extruder Control System

Control System, Turn-Key, Design & Gas-valves

Aalborg Sunrod Boilers Production AB,
> Boiler & Power plants

> J.G Summit, Filipinos,
> Gerced Nepoui , India
> Macao G6, China
> Sulzer Guan Lan, China
> Sulzer Zao Quing , China
> Sulzer Kaiping , China
> Sulzer Nestle , France>
> Sulzer Shan Wei, China
> Sulzer Xin Hui 6-1, China
> Sulzer Xin Hui 6-2, China
> Sulzer Shantou , China
> Sulzer Xiao Lan , China
> Sulzer Zhong Shan , China
> Sulzer Yiang Jang , China

Kvaerner Pulping AB, Power Division AB
> Medite , Ireland

> Glass Oven Control & Heat Recovery Systems
Bawazir Glassworks Ltd, Kenya
Pearl Investment Co. , Egypt
Mandata Industria Lta
Saudi Arabian Glass C0.

Wärtislä Diesel AB. Diesel Power Plants
> Lameirihnho , Portugal
> Quebrada Blanka , Chile

Wärtsilä NSD Sweden AB, Gas Power Plants
> Caythorpe , England
> Imperial Collage , England
> Inuvik , Canada >
> Kaiser Pacatuba , Brazil
> Oerlinghausen , Germany
> O´Globo, Brazil
> Raasi Cement , Finland
> Tuapse , Russia

Wärtsilä NSD Sweden AB, Exhaust Gas Oven
> Jäckering Hamm , Germany

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