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EPM-PEAK Electronic Pressure Iindicator

EPM-Peak is a part of the successful EPM family.
As well as our EPM-XP, more than 2000 units sold, EPM-Peak is a lightweight, battery powered hand held portable device, designed to measure the maximum value of cylinder pressure on 4-stroke diesel engines.

The cylinder pressure will be measured with the EMP-Peak unit including our high temperature cylinder pressure sensor CPS with Thompson adaptor at indicatorcock on 4-stroke marine diesel engines.

The EPM-Peak collects 10 consecutive pressure measurements (cycles) and calculates peak pressure and engine speed. The measured data are displayed in numerical format on the LCD screen and stored in memory.

In comparison to conventional mechanical peak pressure meter the EPM-Peak offers an easy handling, the measurements have a higher accuracy, the data Pmax and speed will be displayed exactly on the LCD screen and up to 200 measurements can be stored. It is not necessary to list the measurements directly.


> High accuracy
> Battery charging from PC via USB port
> Excellent price per formance ratio

Optional we also offer a visualisation software to show the Pmax data on PC.
Electronic Indicator EPM-XP

This battery powered Electronic Indicator EPM-XP provides important measurement data for engine diagnostics directly at the point of use.

It measures the peak pressure (Pmax) and calculates the combustion pressure curve
from a number of pressure cycles (pressure/time).

The stored data can be transferred from EPM-XP via USB port to PC. Speed range 40...1500 RPM


 > Pmaxmean
 > Pmaxmax
 > Pmaxmin
 > Pmax balancing
 > Engine Speed
 > dp/ca
 > Engine report
 > 2 & 4 stroke engines
 > Pcomp (on 2-stroke engines)
 > No settings required. Very easy to use!

Option-IW-1558 USB-Dongle:
Power & IMEP calculation incl. p/v diagram

 Very easy to use!
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