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Itís not a PLC. Itís not a PAC. Itís not a PC.
Itís an Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC), and the acronym says it all.

Now you can collect, process, view, and exchange data where it's producedóat the edge of the network. When you work with data at the edge, you donít have to worry about latency, and you have one single source of truth.
Securely share data among databases, cloud platforms, web services, PLC systems, and other systems and equipment, using open, modern communication standards. Built-in security features include configurable device firewall, VPN, encryption, user authentication, and more.
Connect with legacy PLCs and much more using Ignition Edgeģ Onboard or full Ignition from Inductive Automationģ. Move data efficiently, decrease network load, and reduce IT reliance by using MQTT publish/subscribe communications.

Visualize data on the controllerís integral touchscreen, an external HDMI monitor, or from any web browser or mobile deice.

It takes a chain of middleware to translate data between these systems and move it where you want it. Hardware, drivers, parsers, and custom software are costly to purchase, install, and maintain, and every link in the chain opens security concerns.

For example, here's a typical IIoT setup:

We need a simpler way. We need an EPIC improvementóan Edge Programmable Industrial Controller. Opto 22's groov EPIC eliminates middleware and shrinks the steps to get the data we need:



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