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Electronic controllers and components for process measuring and control technology have been developed and produced at Pleiger for decades and supplied to the most varied areas of industry. For example, Pleiger controllers are successfully in use in important control circuits on more than 2000 ships

Control Valves
> 2 and 3-way valves
> DN15 to DN400 (up to PN40)

> Pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators

> Swivel gears from 110 to 300.000 Nm
Universal PID Controller 362 MC

> Two separate multi-point or continuous controllers
> Modular structured microcontroller hardware
> Efficient, additional software functions
> Easy-to-understand menu guided operation
> Freely selectable process data display
> Adjustable parameter profiles for many applications
> Software-independent backup operation
> Diagnosis and field bus interface
> Type approved and certified by the majority of ship classification companies
Electric control valve
Universal PID Controller 362MC
Upgrade kit are now available for change from old 361-D & 362-D to new 362-MC
Pneumatic control valve
Swivel Gears
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