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The corporate activities are focused on measurement and control systems for flow, level, pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure.

Today, the company's products are well known in more than 55 countries and in many industries around the world, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas sector, in ship building, machinery and plant construction, in the foodstuffs industry, water treatment and environmental engineering.

Product range includes level measuring and control devices for temperatures up to 400C and a pressure range up to PN320 as well as differential pressure measuring instruments up to 1200C and up to PN400.

A continuous quality management and frequent
redevelopment of our products secure a recognized quality and reliability as well as reproducible parameters for all products.

Product range:

 > Flow
Pitot Tube
Orifice Assemblies
Ultrasonic flow measurement

> Level
Magnetic Level Gauge
Maglink Magnetic Tank Gauge
Tank Level Transmitter / Switch
Tubular Type Level Gauge
Transparent Level Gauges
Level Gauge Boiler Steam Water
Tank Level Gauge
ITA-T1S Magnetic
Level Transmitter
Flow sensor
Level indicators
3-Way maifold
Air purge unit

Air purge unit LSP for automatic cleaning of pitot tubes used
in gas and gas mixtures containing dust or bubbles
Itabar (Gas, Liquid)
Itabar (Steam)
Itabar (Flue gas model)
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