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Quick Stepper Positioners >
Smart universal & patented positioner from Sweden for pneumatic, electric and hydrualic actuators.

External feedback can be used, making it less sensitive to heat, vibration, etc.
Remote positioner gives also easy access for service and maintenance.

Programmable via display or pc.
In addition, it´s the only positioner which can be operated by hand without supply voltage or control signal.

No air consumption - Saves thousands litres of instrument air per hour !

Quick Stepper modes >

• Positioner, PosiTrol™.
Quick Stepper follows and external setpoint
(AI or Bus).

• Ramp positioner, PosiRamp™.
PosiRamp™ is controlled by a digital input signal which can be any of the available DI sources.
Time control can be used on opening, closing or on both in 2 time zones. (°/sec)

• Controller PosiCon™.
Quick Stepper has a built-in controller which can be used for simpler control situations. This eliminates the need for an external controller and saved both time and money.

• QS-Power-Pack™.
Quick Stepper Fail-Safe Electro/ hydraulic power pack is suitable for single acting spring return actuators. The unit can be mounted directly on the actuator or remotely in harsh environments.
In the event of a power loss, the valve will automatically go to the fail-safe position by means of the spring force.

Still using standard positioners ?

If you’re tired of programming, take a look at Quick Stepper® ! Processcomponent’s new patented positioner. Quick Stepper® makes it easier then ever to implement local analogue and digital control with remote access through bus interface.

Quick Stepper® is not only easily configured but also highly accurate and adaptable to many applications. With the combined positioner, PI-controller, analogue alarm, timers, logic, statistic and other features such as on-line monitoring and bus communication, you can complete complex integrated control projects with ease.

Bridge the loop/logic control gap for good with Quick Stepper®.

A tightly integrated loop and control logic together with a single Windows based configuration tool (QSWin™) serves for flexible and easy configuration.

This multifunction unit will help you speed up project development and you get on line faster than ever.
Advantage with Quick Stepper ® 3G ECP™

Economical >

• Low engineering & design time.
• Low installation cost.
• Low service & maintenance cost.
• Very few components in a loop,
   minimise the spare parts.

Environment >

• No Air consumption at rest. (Pneumatic model)
Saves thousands litres of instrument air per hour! Which resolve in reduced carbon dioxide emissions and a reduced energy bill!

Safety >

• Alarm functions combined with maintenance & service alert helps the positioner to emits alarm before your process does so.

• Manual override.

• Stand alone control function and mechanical manual operation integrated in the unit.

• The positioner can be remotely installed, this also gives an easy access for service and maintenance. Increase your staff's safety.

• Quick connector for electrical connection.
Quick Stepper® ECP™
Combine a positioner with a controller and some PLC-functions add maintenance alert with valve & actuator statistics and you get a ECP.
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