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New designation for different Quick Stepper model segments.

Pneumatic > P2, P3 models available in BASE, LT and OO design
(BASE & LT is Eco-labelled and are our "Green Line" product)
(P = Pneumatic positioner, P2 without display, P3 with display)

Electric > E2, E3 models available in BASE and LT version
(E = Electric positioner, E2 without display, E3 with display)

Hydraulic positioner> H1, H2, H3 models are available in CP and OO design
(H1= On/off with or without fail-safe)
(H2/3= Hydraulic positioner, H2 without display, H3 with display)

LT > Light model without communication and limited choice of options
BASE > Base model with communication that can use all options
CP > Hydraulic Control positioner that can use all the options
OO > On / Off model with a limited selection of options

RE > Rotary feed-back
LE > Linear feed-back
D > Display

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